Empowering the Future of Nursing

for Underserved and Underrepresented Students

Breaking Down Barriers to Nursing Careers.

CompassRN’s summer nurse camps are designed to empower underserved and underrepresented high school students who dream of becoming nurses. Recognizing the challenges these students might face on their educational journey, CompassRN breaks down barriers by offering these life-changing experiences at zero cost to students.

Through a blend of interactive workshops, simulations, and activities, students gain hands-on learning that goes beyond textbooks. We also connect them with local colleges of nursing and healthcare systems. These interactions provide firsthand insights from professionals and showcase the diverse career paths in nursing.

Our camps aim to ignite a passion for healthcare, build confidence for competitive programs, and cultivate a future generation of nurses that reflects the vibrant communities we serve.

Nurse Camp Benefits

Interactive Workshops

Go Beyond Textbooks

Community Engagement

Connect with Professionals

From Student to Nurse

Diverse Career Paths

Explore Your Options

Equitable Care

Building a Diverse Nursing Workforce

A diverse nursing workforce is essential to providing all patients equitable and culturally competent care. CompassRN’s summer nurse camps play a vital role in nurturing the next generation of nurses who reflect the communities they serve. By fostering interest and equipping students with the knowledge and confidence to pursue nursing careers, we are helping to build a stronger and more inclusive healthcare system for the future.

Camp Videos

Hear from Our Students

Nurse Camp 2022 Day 1

Nurse Camp 2022 Day 2

Nurse Camp 2022 Day 3

Nurse Camp 2022 Day 4

Visit to Texas Center for Forensics Excellence

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